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Avance software makes downtime prevention simple

Avance is everything that's good about traditional High-Availability (HA) clusters with none of what's bad. Avance is the answer for mid-size firms, delivering superior uptime that's simple to use for a fraction of the price of clusters. Avance is high availability (HA) for the mainstream.

  • Minimizes downtime and keeps application running without interruption
  • Automatically configures and manages its own operation with little user intervention
  • Reduces acquisition and operating cost compared to traditional HA clusters

Prevents Downtime from Hardware Failures

You can't do business if your core applications are down. But more than revenue loss alone, downtime can hurt productivity, customer relations, and compliance obligations - or even risk your business.

Traditional HA solutions focus on merely reacting to outages. Avance software works in advance to detect and prevent outages. Even when the hardware fails, Avance real-time dual-server synchronization ensures that applications operate uninterrupted - with no data loss. The result is superior downtime and data protection compared to traditional HA clusters and cold standby.

Eases Complexity of Installation and Management

Avance is ideal for mid-size firms and branch offices where IT resources are limited. The software automatically sets up and manages itself - greatly reducing opportunity for human error. Unlike traditional HA clusters, Avance doesn't require scripting and application modification, or specialized training. Once deployed on Avance, standard Windows and Linux applications are instantly highly available.

Reduces capital and operating costs

Avance fits easily into tight IT budgets and your existing IT infrastructure. You can deploy Avance as cost-effectively as a cluster. It runs on commodity Windows and Linux servers. And, unlike traditional HA clusters, Avance doesn't require external shared storage to work, leaving that choice to you.

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