iSCSI Adapters
iSCSI Adapter
iSCSI Adapters extend QLogic’s award-winning line of SCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity products to enable Gigabit Ethernet-based SANs. Utilizing the familiar APIs and extensive firmware/driver code base of QLogic’s popular Fibre Channel products, iSCSI Adapters help you build a reliable, secure and cost-effective IP storage infrastructure.

Adapters for Standard Servers

Model Bus Type Bus Speed Bus Width I/O Data Rate Ports Media
QLE4060C PCI-E 2.5 GHz x4 1Gbps Single Copper
QLE4062C PCI-E 2.5 GHz x4 1Gbps Dual Copper
QLA4050 PCI-X 133 MHz 64b 1Gbps Single Optical
QLA4050C PCI-X 133 MHz 64b 1Gbps Single Copper
QLA4052C PCI-X 133 MHz 64b 1Gbps Dual Copper

Adapters for Blade Servers

Model OEM OEM P/N Bus Type Bus Speed I/O Data Rate Ports
QMH4062 HP 488074-B22 PCI-E 2.5GHz 1Gbps Dual
QMH4052 IBM 32R1923 PCI-X 133MHz 1Gbps Dual
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