Infiniband Switches - 9000 Series
QLogic 9240
The QLogic 9000 Series of 20Gb/s DDR directors and edge switches are the most highly integrated cluster computing interconnect solution available. An ideal solution for High Performance Computing (HPC), database clustering, and grid utility computing applications, the 9000 Fabric Directors are designed to maximize cluster and grid computing interconnect performance while simplifying and reducing the cost of operating a data center.
Model Description Height Max Ports (4x)
QLogic 9024 Edge Switch DDR 1U 24
QLogic 9024FC Edge Switch DDR 1U 24
QLogic 9240 Director Switch DDR 14U 288
QLogic 9120 Director Switch DDR 7U 144
QLogic 9080 Director Switch DDR 7U 96
QLogic 9040 Director Switch DDR 4U 48
QLogic 9020 Director Switch DDR 2U 24
Infiniband Switches - 1200 Series
QLogic 12800
The QLogic 12000 Series represents a new class of InfiniBand switching for High Performance Computing (HPC). Based on the QLogic TrueScale™ ASIC platform, these advanced 40Gb/s QDR InfiniBand switches offer the highest port count, the highest port density, the most flexibility, with the lowest power requirements per port than any other rack mountable solution available on the market. The 12000 Series with the QLogic InfiniBand Fabric Suite also represents a new class of easier to use but more powerful InfiniBand fabric management. QLogic InfiniBand Fabric Suite simplifies InfiniBand networking with automated installation, configuration, and monitoring of the fabric. InfiniBand Fabric Suite makes InfiniBand fabric management more powerful with advanced QoS, adaptive routing and vFabric™, virtual InfiniBand fabrics that improve the utilization of InfiniBand resources.
Model Description Height Max Ports (4x)
QLogic 12300-BS18 Edge Switch QDR 1U 18
QLogic 12300-BS01 Edge Switch QDR 1U 36
QLogic 12200-BS01 Edge Switch QDR 1U 36
QLogic 12800-360 Director Switch QDR 29U 864
QLogic 12800-180 Director Switch QDR 14U 432
QLogic 12800-120 Director Switch QDR 10U 288
QLogic 12800-040 Director Switch QDR 5U 96
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