IBM Servers

IBM Servers can provide building blocks of simpler, more integrated infrastructures that can power innovation while helping you protect your current investments and dramatically improve the economics of IT.

IBM develops, fully tests and pre-loads the core middleware components of i together up front, whereas on other platforms, operating system, database and middleware integration is done in the data center. The pre-integration and testing of i is a key factor in enabling companies to deploy applications faster and maintain them with fewer staff. Virtualization and workload management are also built into i to enable you to run multiple applications and components together on the same system, driving up system utilization and delivering a better return on IT investments.

IBM BladeCenter® blade servers support a wide selection of processor technologies and operating systems to allow clients to run all of their diverse workloads inside a single architecture. Reduce complexity, improve systems management, and increase energy efficiency while driving down total cost of ownership.

  • Dramatic reductions in energy and facilities requirements
  • Far fewer software licenses
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Maximized ROI
  • Reduced total capacity requirement
  • Faster deployment of new services with fewer resources

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