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HP offers the most complete IT technology solutions available in the market today. BL Trading and HP build solutions on intuitive technology that hides complexity inside, where it belongs, so our customers' lives are enriched and their IT experiences are simpler, smarter and more manageable.

If you are like most companies, you have been adding servers, storage, desktops, printers and networking devices to keep pace with your business demands. The result: Businesses are spending upwards of 70% of their IT budget on operations versus innovation - and it's only getting worse. A Converged Infrastructure enables you to rebalance this ratio by realigning today's traditional technology silos into adaptive pools that can be shared by any application, optimized and managed as a service.

By transitioning away from this product-centric approach that has created unyielding IT sprawl to a shared-service management model, you can accelerate standardization, reduce operational costs and accelerate business results:

  • Deliver any application, anywhere, on the fly
  • Flex resources on demand in an optimized way
  • Unleash productivity of administrators and systems
  • Provide predictable, continuity of service
  • Accelerate time to business value from IT investments

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