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Today organizations must focus on more than business objectives. They must also meet environmental goals. Now, using products, services, and solutions, from a trusted BL Trading Technology solutions partner, one goal doesn't have to compromise the other.

Companies around the world have cut costs and boosted their competitive advantage through Green technology initiatives. At the same time, they have been able to manage risks around legislation for carbon emissions.

Green IT, also known as Green Computing, is the movement towards a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective use of power and production in technology. The idea of Green IT is to double or triple the bottom line investment costs by converting existing structures and systems to this more conservative mode of operation in green computing.

Some common Green computing concepts are Virtualization, Recycling, Telecommuting and Power Management through the use of efficient devices.

BL Trading can help you meet your most demanding technology challenges while reducing your environmental impact. So help save the environment, save your organization money and "Go Green" with Green IT computing solutions from BL Trading.

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Green Computing

To comprehensively and effectively address the environmental impacts of computing/IT, we must adopt a holistic approach and make the entire IT lifecycle greener by addressing environmental sustainability along the following four complementary paths:

Green use
Reducing the energy consumption of computers and other information systems as well as using them in an environmentally sound manner
Green disposal
Refurbishing and reusing old computers and properly recycling unwanted computers and other electronic equipment
Green design
Designing energy-efficient and environmentally sound components, computers, servers, cooling equipment, and data centers
Green manufacturing
Manufacturing electronic components, computers, and other associated subsystems with minimal impact on the environment

These four paths span a number of focus areas and activities, including:

  • Design for environmental sustainability
  • Energy-efficient computing
  • Power management
  • Data center design, layout, and location
  • Server virtualization
  • Responsible disposal and recycling
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Green metrics, assessment tools, and methodology
  • Environment-related risk mitigation
  • Use of renewable energy sources and
  • Eco-labeling of IT products...

Road to Green computing

Modern IT systems rely upon a complicated mix of people, networks and hardware; as such, a green computing initiative must be systemic in nature, and address increasingly sophisticated problems. Elements of such a solution may comprise items such as end user satisfaction, management restructuring, regulatory compliance, disposal of electronic waste, telecommuting, virtualization of server resources, energy use, thin client solutions, and return on investment (ROI).

The imperative for companies to take control of their power consumption, for technology and more generally, therefore remains acute. One of the most effective power management tools available in 2009 may still be simple, plain, common sense.

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