EMC Isilon


The EMC Isilon Scale-Out Platform for High Performance, Capability, and Scalability

EMC Isilon delivers increased performance for file-based data applications and workflows - from the highest performance I/O-intensive applications, to primary and secondary storage, to nearline archives - all from a single file system architecture.

Powered by the OneFS Operating System, all components in an EMC Isilon cluster create a unified pool of highly efficient storage-with a proven 80 percent storage utilization rate. Isilon's high efficiency means less physical storage is required to house the same amount of data, reducing capital and operating costs.

  • Single volume, single file system and ease-of management requires less than one FTE per petabyte, reducing overall storage costs
  • Up to 15.5 petabytes and over 100 GBps of throughput and over 1.6 million file operations/second in a single file system
  • Add capacity and/or performance within 60 seconds
  • With OneFS AutoBalance, you can quickly and easily add nodes without downtime, manual data migration, or application logic reconfiguration, saving IT resources
  • With Isilon you don't need to over-provision storage capacity or performance — purchase storage only when you need it and scale "on-the-fly"

Introducing the EMC Isilon X400 and NL400: Powerful Scale-Out Storage for Enterprise

Meet the newest additions to the EMC Isilon scale-out storage family: the Isilon X400 platform node accelerates high-concurrent and sequential throughput applications with a balance of throughput and capacity, while the Isilon NL400 provides highly economical, highly scalable, nearline storage delivering near-primary performance at near-tape cost.

EMC Isilon hardware platforms are designed for simplicity, value, best-in-class performance, and unmatched reliability:

  • S-Series — Ultra performance primary storage, purpose built for high-IOPS-intensive file-based applications
  • X-Series — Flexible, comprehensive storage providing a balance between large capacity and high-performance ideal for high-concurrent and sequential throughput file-based applications
  • NL-Series — Cost-effective, highly-scalable nearline storage combining efficiency and high density with massive capacity for highly economical scale-out storage

Seamlessly scale performance to meet the needs of your business

Enhance your storage performance, reliability, ease-of-use, and cost-effective scalability with EMC Isilon accelerator nodes:

  • Performance Accelerator — Ultimate performance: quickly add more than 400 MB per second of single-stream throughput and up to 700MB per second of concurrent throughput for most transactional access patterns
  • Backup Accelerator Node — High-speed and scalable backup and restore solution: deliver up to 480 MB/second of performance across four concurrent streams, speeding back-up operations, and reducing the risk of business-critical data loss.

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