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Compliance is no longer just an issue for the financial services and Healthcare industry. Regulatory compliance affects many industries, putting significant pressure on IT departments and the way that they handle data throughout its lifecycle.

Information management strategies are lacking if they don’t include email and content archiving applications, and enhanced capabilities for records management. BL Trading has the data storage hardware, software, and services capabilities to develop and implement a complete compliance solution for your organization.

BL Trading offers cost-effective ways to store fixed content and meet regulatory compliance objectives.

Email Archiving

Email is often one of the first compliance challenges to fall under an IT requirement. Not all email needs to be stored the same way nor for the same length of time. BL Trading offers email archiving solutions that are based on user-defined policies to give you the flexibility you need without compromising security.


Records Management

In order to be compliant an organization must be in accordance with records management regulations for both structured and unstructured data. Information must be able to be accessed quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.


Content Addressed Storage

Information is considered fixed content when it is digital, in its final form, and should never be altered (ie legal documents or medical images). The volume of fixed content within an organization is enormous, so storing it while also meeting compliance regulations is quite a challenge.

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