Physical Security

Reduce video collection and storage costs with digital security solutions that can be integrated with your network and IT systems.

BL Trading’s Physical Security software and hardware solutions facilitate the capture, transmission, viewing, recording, archiving, and management of analog and IP video sources and provides electronic access control, engineered with network and video expertise.

BL Trading Physical security solutions provides solutions that can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Use security cameras to record events on existing Data storage hardware
  • Automate detection, alarms, investigation, and incident management through advanced analytics.
  • Scale your security surveillance storage as your requirements grow
  • Simplify deployment and control of new security applications
  • Protect existing physical security systems investments
  • Support multi-vendor device and applications interoperability
  • Facilitate a smooth migration from analog to digital to full IP
  • 30 days to 180 days video storage
  • Lower operational costs

BL Trading bring's you best in class solutions that leverage your current infrastructure and utilize the latest in data storage, virtualization and emerging technologies.

We offer expensive expertise in the follow areas:

Site security assessment

Secure your physical working environment and intellectual property with an in-depth review of security controls and processes for your site or throughout your organization.

Command and control center solution’s

Integrates all current and future security systems into a unified view to improve incident response and reduce cost.

Digital video surveillance

Our video surveillance and security solution’s can help you view, monitor and digitally record activity, allow digital streaming and get real-time security information.

Smart Surveillance Solution

Integrate data from a variety of monitoring devices and apply advanced analytics to improve security, reduce overhead, and increase business flexibility and intelligence


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