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Consolidation is a major step towards creating an efficient storage infrastructure. Let BL Trading Professional Services assess your IT environment to determine how storage consolidation or server consolidation could help you lower TCO, improve your storage and server utilization, and enhance productivity

Key Points:

  • Save money today: Boost utilization and efficiency, which means you buy and operate less
  • Avoid costly data center expansions
  • Reduce your space, power, and cooling loads through consolidation
  • Increase IT staff productivity
  • Scale as you need, reallocate when you need, without hassle

Server Consolidation

Server consolidation is accomplished through storage centralization or virtualization. BL Trading has expertise in both aspects of server consolidation. Products such as NAS storage devices and SAN storage devices, and technologies like server virtualization from VMware offer different methodologies to achieve server consolidation.

Advantages of server consolidation include:

  • Increased storage utilization
  • Easy allocation of storage as needed
  • Ease of upgrading
  • High availability and improved manageability


Storage Consolidation

Storage consolidation is becoming a very important trend, given the enormous effort it takes to effectively manage, backup, and repair multiple servers and storage devices within an organization. However, the decision to undertake a storage consolidation can also introduce additional challenges, such as gathering all of the data and trying to minimize disruption to the business.

BL Trading's Professional Services specializes in storage consolidation, and can help you effectively consolidate the devices in your environment. After an assessment of your storage architecture, BL Trading will utilize a technology such as EMC or FalconStor to put together a cost-effective solution to your storage consolidation issues.



ColoSpace offers comprehensive Colocation services in each of our network of 6 Internet Data Centers. Each of our locations is a secure carrier-grade Colocation facility equipped with ultra reliable connectivity, multiple high-speed fiber networks, and the latest in physical and digital security to service and protect your online initiative.

ColoSpace provides its customers with secure twenty-four-hours a day access to their equipment. This enables customers to maintain complete control of their hardware without having to manage the physical plant associated with a data center environment.


ColoSpace offers the most flexible electric options for our Colocation services available in the region. All power fed to a customers' space is protected by both UPS and generator. Flexible electric options include availability for 10, 20, 30A 110V power, 20, 30A 208V power, and other custom electrical connections. Electricity is provisioned to customers according to their specification.

Colocation Space is available in four configurations:

Secure Cabinet Space

Secure cabinet space is available in half or full cabinet increments (20 or 40Us). Customers maintain complete control over the contents of the cabinets, which are fed with a dedicated Ethernet feed and 10 or 20 AMPs of electricity.

Secure Cage Space

Secure cage space is available according to customer specifications. Space is leased on a square foot basis, and electric and Internet service is configured on demand. Secure cage space enables customers the ultimate in flexibility for their Colocation installation.

Private Suites

Private suites are available in most ColoSpace IDCs. Private suites are generally in 100 and 200 square foot layouts and are equipped with ample electric service. Private suites are ideal for customers seeking additional privacy and security within the secure data center environment.

Private Data Center Space

Private data center space is the ideal solution for an organization looking for a larger amount of data center space for a production or backup environment. ColoSpace can provide a data center environment built-out according to your custom specifications. We can also provide a total solution which combines a secure data center with adjacent office space for on-site operations.

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