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The BridgeHead Software Healthcare Data Management (HDM) suite ensures information is secure, protected and available to users and applications, when they need it and in the format they need it in.

Bridgehead is totally vendor and platform agnostic

BridgeHead HDM brings together, under a centrally managed umbrella, the two distinct technologies of backup and archive and in doing so delivers a comprehensive range of information management services. From disaster recovery to eDiscovery, from replication to data classification. The result is a totally integrated solution that is scalable, easy to use, and cost effective.

A Cost Effective Solution

The BridgeHead Solution fit sin with your environment and your go forward strategy, regardless of your current hardware brand or media type. This allows you to deploy your optimum healthcare data management strategy and gain advantage in all tiers of storage. After all, you should call the shots – not your vendors.

Innovative Solutions Since 1994

BridgeHead Software has been delivering, year on year, scalable information management solutions that work day in and day out. The Healthcare sector is our strongest growth market. Over 1000 healthcare providers, whom you rely on to watch over your family’s health, rely on BridgeHead to watch over the health of their critical business and healthcare systems.

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